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The Mud And The Blood / Funeral Nation

Lyrics: Martyr Lucifer & Jacek Moszynski, from the Hortus Animae CD “The Blow Of Furious Winds” 2005


“The Mud And The Blood”


This walk through an endless path / Of all the obscure shapeless. When life is blood and blood is wrath / Skulls with eyes so senseless. Fire, water, essence of life / Under the skin grow demons and madness. In these godless years of... Rage: killing, dying... Yes, we're alone in all mankind. All along this cold eternity, enduring march with no crosses to bear. All arise from this sepulchre and stop the rest from its womb. Still the godless years are...I convoke to thee Mephisto, to obtain as a gift what I cannot have by myself, all that remains from thee after waltzing in the dark... I don't ask for rest, I don't ask for tranquillity (neither body nor the soul), never asked for holiness and neither for thy aid... One and all were asking (for) this to make thou feel weary. Give all that remains from thee and nobody asked... Give me risk, I want inquietude. Give me torment, I want battle. Give me uncertainty, I want pain. Now that I ask, that I have the strength. Just give me that, once and for all. Raging on... The crusade and the grandeur. With the blow of furious winds in our hearts, lucubrate the (he)art of murder. Raging fuckin' on... While the demons are growing and the godless years shall never be brought to an end (and the weak ones now lay down slain in the mud and the blood...).

“Funeral Nation”

The halls of infinity I walk, in shapeless body. Walls of silence overwhelm me, in an ocean of white my soul is black. Silent tombs where spirits do not sleep, are waiting for the coming, in these graves the slumber is restless, in my insomniac tomb I shall be back.

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