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Luciferian Twilight

From the Hortus Animae CD “The Melting Idols” 2000


All is strange, almost abnormal, I smell no odour. There’s only an odd light outside. I feel no pain because I’ve already suffered too much. Day becomes night and I feel its decline start. With Leviathan’s breath on my neck, it’s making me repent to be here now. But all is lost. There’s only an odd light outside. Do you feel its presence? Twilight embraces shadows. And I become numb as the frowned eyes of Lucifer that look outside with mine. I feel nothing to the world, what am I living inside? I feel so estranged, so alone. Listen to the dead beatings from my heart. I incarnate pain, suffering… Why… Suffering… Inside. The veil is bare, bones become ashes and the shroud that awaits for me offers nothing but frost. There’s only an odd light outside. Outside the window. Outside my soul.

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