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The Melting Idols

From the Hortus Animae CD “The Melting Idols” 2000


“Prisoners Of Dusk”


Father, your son on the cross is crying. Crying for the sins that he didn’t make. And he’s dying. Dying for the sins that he wasn’t ashamed. And so father… For what? All the lights I see, are lights that could make me blind. All the eyes I see, are joyless eyes and forced untroubled minds. A hand on my head came from the sky. Fallen Angels are smiling in complete decadence, are they smiling to me? They are shining as falling stars… As prisoners of dusk. Are these creatures just like me? I’ll never know.


“Beholding The Death Of His Son”


And as I look towards the sky, it makes me sad and so I cry. But my proud god stands there for me, I know he shall never let me fall. I must respect, I must believe but anyway I’m on my knees. I’m not alone, I’ve got my friends, those who attend the ceremony of symbolic cannibalism that I would surely reject. A man who died upon the cross to save us all,  it makes me scream, maybe he cried, as I do now. This atrocity, to me blasphemy! How can a father decide for life, a holy murder and then the holy rites. A priest as black as night sings loud for me, sings for the blind. I’m not like them and, well, I know that for these words I’ll be cursed FOREVER MORE.


“Fallen Angel’s Mourning Silence”


Breathe the silence alone and live the dream of broken wings. The flowers are withered, try to see the beauty of grey. Hear the prayers resounding, echoes of glory faded to mist. Hypnotized, be captured by the rapture of Fallen Angel’s Mourning Silence.

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