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From the Hortus Animae CD "Waltzing Mephistoā€¯ 2003

Enter in the valley of tears, in the reign of your fears and the shame of your mind. Enter in the realm of the dead, the loved ones' regrets are shown with respect. Enter where pure is the blood, where loves are forgotten and hate is the strength. Enter... In the shades of the light, upon the throne of the might is the key for the peace. Place yourself... Take a place beneath the wastes of life, where you've lost your blood-stained knife, try it again. Enter in the consciousness of pain, when nothing's to blame it's time for revenge. If this is a wish... Enter the realm where angels decayed can smile at your face, wash all your wounds... All life left behind must have been denied, the razor's the guide, try to make it this way... Come in, it's your turn to shine, for the darkness is bright there... Walk along the halls of despair, violent whispers can make you feel better. Enter in the valley of tears, where no one can rest there's tormented eternity. Enter in the realm of the dead, their eyes and cold breath can show you the way. Enter where pure is the blood, cause blood must be shed and must have been in the past. Sit upon the throne of the might, the key to conquer the night is the knife that you hunger for... And now let it be done.
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