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Garden Of Fairies
From the Hortus Animae CD "The Blow Of Furious Winds” 2005

Lost in the woods, a world unseen, she came to me, the fairy queen. So frozen eyes enlighten my path, the strangest eyes I've ever met. Yes, the fairy queen, she came to me, to reveal to me all her poetry. Heaven burned in my cold eyes, for the touch of her I'd lose my life... Oh fairy queen, reveal to me, I'm not the one I used to be, within these walls I'm caged by thee, my soul's forgotten into your fields. Now I've got my queen, she dances with me and all the flowers all around me are brighter then the light, I see. Now I walk around in her malicious paradise and golden cages and golden paths surround me. I've never been lost in such splendour, I am so far gone and dancing in the light again... And now that I face this I realize I'm losing the light. It's cold in this marble walled room and as I sit twisted here with your nails brutally pierced in my flesh, full of torment I stay awake, full of torment I taste my pain, full of stupor I see your face. The whole I gave, the whole you took and in the cathedral of lust where our prayers are consumed, it's colder. Under our shroud of passion my blood's becoming yours, under our shroud of passion my soul's becoming... YOURS! When... I reach... the abyss, your cruel paradise still expects. The distance... between us... I'd kill... As I need your embrace once again. The touch of your poisonous lips through my weak mortal shell, come to me, while I sleep, your serpent kiss is my hell. Now... I... Stay... Here... Gold... Turns... To rust... And fear... I... Behold... The mist... Appear... I... Just want... To disappear... Now my beloved queen's no more with me, the flowers grey and the dark sets all over. I'm alone and useless now in this malicious paradise, no one can see me as I travel so hopeless. I'll never see again so much splendour, the day is far gone and fallen is the night once more. So now that I can see me I realize I'll never more behold the light.
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