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Space Mirrors feat. Martyr Lucifer - Silver Key

The song is from the "In Darkness They Whisper" (TRANS097) album (Transubstans Records, 2012-08-01).
It is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's short story "Silver Key" and it reflects the sad and dreamy mood of the main character who grows up and loses the touch with the dream world of his childhood. Imagination is replaced by the harsh reality and prosiness of life. But what is reality? How can he revive the childhood memories and enjoy the stargazing again?

"Silver Key" (Alisa Coral) line-up:

Alisa Coral - bass, analogue and digital synthesizers
Martyr Lucifer - vocals
Massimo Arke - rhythm and lead guitars
Allen Welty-Green - analogue and digital synthesizers
A.G. Bergstein - drums
Graphics by Kevin Sommers.

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