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The Making of "Farewell to Graveland"

Martyr Lucifer "Farewell to Graveland" (Buil2Kill Records, 2011)

Grom's drums recorded at Leavitt Studio (Canyon Country, California) by Steven Leavitt
Adrian Erlandsson’s drums recorded at Murder Mile Studio (London, UK) by Louis Cypher
Synthesizers created & recorded at Main Street Studio (Rimini, Italy) by Martyr Lucifer
Arke’s guitars, Martyr Lucifer & Leìt’s vocals recorded at Fear Studio (Ravenna, Italy) by Simone Mularoni

Bless’ keyboards recorded at O.S. Studio (Rimini, Italy) by Massimo Arcucci
Vrolok’s bass recorded at OSF Studio (Kharkiv, Ukraine) by Andrey Veryovkin
Guest vocals on "Turmoil” by Fabio Caruso of As Memory Dies recorded at Haunted Studio (Vicenza, Italy) by Nicola Frigo
Mixed & mastered at Domination Studio (RSM) by Simone Mularoni.

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