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Artists which, directly or indirectly, have been influential:

AC/DC. Akercocke. (Alice) Cooper. Alice In Chains. Amorphis. (Tori) Amos. Anathema. Ancient. Arcturus. Aрия. At the Gates. Atrocity. Bad Religion. (Il) Balletto di Bronzo. Banco del mutuo soccorso. Baratro. Bathory. (Franco) Battiato. Behemoth. Bethlehem. Bjork. Black Label Society. Black Sabbath. Bon Jovi. Borknagar. (David) Bowie & Tin Machine. Burzum. Candlemass. Carcass. Carpathian Forest. Cathedral. (Nick) Cave & The Bad Seeds. Celtic Frost. Christian Death. Cinderella. Clan Of Xymox. Cradle Of Filth. (The) Cure. (The) Cult. Current Ninety Three. (The) Damned. Danzig. Darkthrone.  Dead Can Dance. Death. Death In June. Deep Purple. Deicide. Depeche Mode. Dimmu Borgir. Dinosaur Jr. Disiplin. Dismember. Dissection. Dream Theater. Drudkh. Duran Duran. Emperor. Enslaved. Entombed. Ephel Duath. Europe. EverEve. Faith No More. Faust. Fear Factory. (Die) Form. (Diamanda) Galas. (The) Gathering. Genesis. Gorefest. Guns N’ Roses. GZR. Hate Profile. (The) Hellacopters. HIM. Hortus Animae. Hypocrisy. (Billy) Idol. Immortal. In The Woods. Iron Maiden. Jethro Tull. Joy Division. Judas Priest. Karma. Katatonia. King Crimson. Kипелов. Kiss. (The) Kovenant. Kreator. Lacrimosa. Lake Of Tears. Led Zeppelin. Living Colour. Machine Head. Madonna. (Marilyn) Manson. Marlene Kuntz. Marduk.  Mastodon. Mayhem. Megadeth. Meshuggah. Metallica. Ministry. Misfits. Moonspell. Morbid Angel. Mortiis. Motley Crue. Motorhead. Muculords. Muse. My Dying Bride. Napalm Death. Nevermore. Nine Inch Nails. Nirvana. Nokturnal Mortum. Novembre. Opeth. Opposite Sides. (Mike) Oldfield. (Ozzy) Osbourne. Pain. Pantera. Paradise Lost. Pearl Jam. (A) Perfect Circle. Pink Floyd. Placebo. Porcupine Tree. Premiata Forneria Marconi. Prince & The Revolution. Queen. Queensryche. REM. Radiohead. Rage. Rammstein. Ramones. Rotting Christ. Sad Legend. Sade. Sadist. Samael. Satyricon. Scorpions. Sentenced. Sepultura. (Claudio) Simonetti / Goblin / Daemonia. (The) Sisters Of Mercy. Skid Row. Slayer. Slipknot. Solefald. Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows. Soundgarden. Space Mirrors. Tesla. Testament. Theatre Of Tragedy. Therion. Tiamat. Timoria. Tool. Type 0 Negative. U2. UK Subs. Ulver. Uriah Heep. Vader. Van Halen. Voivod. (Tom) Waits. WASP. Wumpscut.
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