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Martyr Lucifer's Shards - Release date revealed
Martyr Lucifer has been recording a trilogy of EPs that shows three different, separated and amplified, sides of his sound, now the process reached its end and finally all the pieces come together. Shard One, Two and Three are set to be released on August the 6th 2013 via Outlinerecordz. The first edition gathers all the Shards in an elegant digipack format, while a vinyl edition with bonus material is scheduled for within the end of the year. The EPs have been recorded at Domination Studio and feature Simone Mularoni and Dario Ciccioni (empYrios), Antarktica (Darkend) and Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Paradise Lost) among others.


Shard One
- A Lesson in Murder
- The Sunrise in May
- The Horseride (radio edit)
Shard Two
- Another Place, Another Time
- House of Sleep
- Poison Heart
- In Upside Down Woods I Walk
Shard Three
- Oddities
- And Still We Wonder Why
- The Morning Star

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