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Official line-up and tracklisting
Some brief news about the album.
The line up is official and confirmed:

Martyr Lucifer: Vocals, synth, programming
Arke: Guitars
Evgeniy "Vrolok” Antonenko: 5-string bass guitar
Bless: Piano, keyboards
Adrian Erlandsson: Drums on 5 tracks
Grom: Drums on 5 tracks
Leìt: Additional vocals, photography, digital manipulation

The official tracklist of the ”Farewell to Graveland” album is revealed.

01 – Janus
02 – Farewell to Graveland
03 – Turmoil
04 – From Under the Ground
05 – Noctua Munda
06 – Onironauta (the Demon of the Earth)
07 – L'albero ed io
08 – The Dustflower
09 – They said with time all wounds will heal
10 – The Horseride
11 – Waiting for the Dawn

More details to come soon.
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