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An interview (in Italian) with Martyr Lucifer, concerning the "Funeral Nation"
release, has been published in this month's issue of Metal Maniac.

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Date: 14.03.2009

From Sleaszy Rider Records press-release:
Third album for this fantastic space rock band! After 3 years SPACE MIRRORS returns with their new epos “Majestic-12: A Hidden Presence”, a magic journey beyond the galaxies. It's a new chapter in Space Mirrors history, which brings you a research into the UFO conspiracy subjects in the form of a modern Space Metal, with many mixed elements from dark metal to classic rock (similar to Ayreon, Sigh, Arcturus, Ozric Tentacles). Featuring Nik Turner (Hawkwind co-founder, Space Ritual, Inner City Unit), Martyr Lucifer (Hortus Animae, Opposite Sides) and Cyndee Lee Rule (Spaceseed, Scattered Planets).
You can listen to the samples from the album and watch videos on their myspace page: Read interview with Alisa Coral and an exclusive review of the album in Aural-Innovations HERE.
"MJ-12" album should be available to buy in the main distribution outlets soon. Check out the list of distributors at record label website for more information. Meanwhile it's available to buy directly from Sleaszy Rider Records: STORE.
(Comes with a 16-page booklet designed by Kevin Sommers.)

Date: 03.03.2009

Finally the Opposite Sides' long-awaited debut album "Soul Mechanics" has been released by the Mondongo Canibale record label and is available in all the best specialized distro and stores. For more info:

Date: 18.02.2009

Release date: November the 15th, 2008.
Hortus Animae and Sleaszy Rider Records celebrated the 10 years activity of the band by releasing a special limited edition boxset entitled "Funeral Nation / 10 Years Of Hortus Animae". The boxset has the following features:
1. "The Blow Of Furious Winds" CD+DVD
2. "Waltzing Mephisto” Demos, different audio mix/master, alternative artwork and signed by the band (RARE!)
3. “Pentagram” T-Shirt (“The Melting Idols” T-Shirt on request)
4. Metal-pin
5. Band Photo
6. Hortus Animae mug
7. Artwork by Niklas Sundin / Cabin Fever Media
Only 100 copies have been released and for a very special price, so make sure to book your own copy and check out our websites for further news.

Price (including shipment)

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Date: 20.10.2008

Hello everyone,

sad news this time. Due to different motivations the band decided to split-up or, at least, to stay on-hold for some time.There are technical and personal reasons involved (the music business, hardships... life itself) which led us to take this decision. We would like to thank all the press and media which supported us, Black Lotus and Sleaszy Rider for spreading the disease worldwide, all the musicians who cooperated with us, a special mention for Liv Kristine, our manager/producer Alex Azzali of Alpha-Omega Studio and especially the fans and all those who gave us feedback during all these years. Maybe someday we will return, we don't know, but as it is now, we can't. But thanks again for the support, Cheers!

Martyr Lucifer, on behalf of HORTUS ANIMAE.
Date: 02.10.2007

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