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Martyr Lucifer has signed a deal with Buil2Kill Records for the worldwide release of the "Farewell to Graveland” album, that will start hitting the roads on November the 7th, 2011.

Date: 16.09.2011

Some brief news about the album.
The line up is official and confirmed:

Martyr Lucifer: Vocals, synth, programming
Arke: Guitars
Evgeniy "Vrolok” Antonenko: 5-string bass guitar
Bless: Piano, keyboards
Adrian Erlandsson: Drums on 5 tracks
Grom: Drums on 5 tracks
Leìt: Additional vocals, photography, digital manipulation

The official tracklist of the ”Farewell to Graveland” album:


Date: 02.07.2011

Hello everyone, time for news!
It's been a hard working summer, Adrian and Grom started it all, recording extremely killer drums, Arke followed, obtaining from his guitars a devastating wall of sound, impressive. Vocals have been recorded (special thanks for the guest appearances of Leìt and Fabio of As Memory Dies, great job!) and Bless completed the keyboards' parts, gifting the album the grace that Hortus Animae fans already know well. We all are extremely satisfied with the pre-mixes and special thanks go to our sound engineer Simone Mularoni which is giving a great help. Vrolok is recording his bass tracks these days and we look forward to hearing that and proceed to the final mixes, which haven't been scheduled yet. We'll keep you posted!

Date: 09.09.2010

The recordings for Martyr Lucifer's debut solo album have officially started.
The album's working title is "Farewell To Graveland" and the line-up is as follows:

Martyr Lucifer - Vocals, Synth & Programming
Arke - Guitars (Opposite Sides)
Evgeniy "Vrolok" Antonenko - Bass (Nokturnal Mortum)
Bless - Piano & Keyboards (Hortus Animae)
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums (Paradise Lost, Cradle Of Filth, At The Gates, etc.)
Grom - Drums (Hortus Animae, Ancient, DoomSword, etc.)

More guests will be later announced.

Date: 14.04.2010

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Date: 05.07.2009

A new version of a Space Mirrors song has been added in the 1st player of the Music section. The song is "MJ-12 (martyr mix, unreleased demo version)”. Its official version can be found in the Space Mirrors album "Majestic 12 – A Hidden Presence” (Sleaszy Rider Records).

Date: 23.06.2009

A list of some reviews for the Opposite Sides' CD "Soul Mechanics":

ROCK TOTAL (Spanish)
Evilized (German/English) (Italian)

Date: 19.05.2009

Arke’s official statement, from

Hi everyone,
today I got important news to say...

After 5 years it ends the membership between OS and Martyr.
Because of personal reasons he decided to leave the band. I endlessly thank Martyr for his precious artistic effort and his friendship. I wish him all the best for his personal life and future plans.
Without him OS wouldn't be here to play today.
From now on, I will play the guitar and I will also take care of all vocals. As a consequence, there will be a change that will lead to a brand new style.
Soon it will be also announced the new line up and we'll start to promote Soul Mechanics playing live gigs. Stay tuned!


Date: 14.05.2009

The mini web-site dedicated to the Hortus Animae fans is now finally online. You can check it HERE. To all those who still haven't sent the picture, please hurry up!!!

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Date: 02.05.2009

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