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All the press about Martyr Lucifer, including reviews and interviews will be constantly updated in the official Martyr Lucifer's facebook page:

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"No rest for the wicked” they say, and how right they are! There’s no better example for this than Martyr Lucifer.

Still the dye of his freshly released solo albu...
m "Farewell to Graveland” and of the explosive Hortus Animae reissue album "Funeral Nation MMXII” hasn’t dried and he already has… Three?! Three burning news at once!


Date: 02.09.2012

Fresh of the release of his debut solo album on Buil2Kill Records, Martyr Lucifer is back with 2 new records. The first is a special Hortus Animae reissue album titled "Funeral Nation MMXII” that will be released in a 2CD jewelcase set by...

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Date: 01.04.2012

All the press about Martyr Lucifer, including reviews and interviews will be constantly updated in the official Martyr Lucifer's facebook page:

Date: 01.04.2012

The HORTUS ANIMAE Cult is back with a double CD set that includes their entire discography: The Blow of Furious Winds, Waltzing Mephisto and the never officially released The Melting Idols. Hortus Animae's definive collection - You don't really want to miss this!

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Date: 29.03.2012

The album is now available for digital download, you can choose your favourite e-store from the player below:

If you want to buy it physically it's available at our STORE.
Date: 09.11.2011

Here it is! The Space Mirrors / Acid FM Split Record available for digital download and vinyl pre-order. CHECK IT OUT!
The physical album featuring Acid FM's "Space Beyond Space" & Space Mirrors' "Dreams of Area 51" on 7 inch, 45 rpm, red vinyl, slated to be released on 12.12.11. "Dreams of Area 51" feat. Nik Turner and Cyndee Lee Rule.

Digital download:

Vinyl pre-order:

Date: 25.10.2011

For all of you who think this Autumn and the coming Winter are not going to be gloomy enough and can't wait to grab your copy, the album is already available! You can purchase the "Farewell to Graveland” album here: Audioglobe Distribution or directly at our SHOP.

All those that will order the album at our shop will receive an extra special gift from the Graveland Ensemble!

More release dates are:

Digital Worldwide via BelieveDigital (that includes iTunes and many other platforms) on November the 7th.

United Kingdom via Code7 on December the 5th.

Germany and the rest of Europe via Twilight on December the 2nd.

CM Distro will take care of the distribution in the US but the release date is yet to be announced. Stay tuned!
Date: 24.10.2011

Audioglobe distribution stated that the release date on the Italian territory has been anticipated to October the 24th, check your local stores soon!

The digital worldwide release remains set on November the 7th via Believe Digital (that includes iTunes and many other platforms), while in the UK will be December the 5th via Code7.

More release dates yet to be announced.
Date: 21.10.2011

Well, yes, even Martyr Lucifer has been bent by the cyber world.







Date: 03.10.2011

Martyr Lucifer entered Domination Studio with sound engineer Simone Mularoni to record the vocals for the Space Mirrors track "Dreams of Area 51", which is a reworked version of a song from the "Majestic-12" sessions. The destiny of this song will be communicated at later times.
Date: 26.09.2011

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